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Dez Bryant is Another Problem, Not an Answer

It seems Dez Bryant believes he is 100% in the correct mental and physical state to be able to come back to the Dallas Cowboys and continue his career….. I call horse shit. Dez while being one of my favorite Cowboys growing up is old, and washed. Due to his incapability to adjust to the times and understand that he isn’t not a young and spry 24 year old anymore is just crazy to me.

If he could’ve just shut the fuck up and understood his worth and declining skill level he could have morphed into a Larry Fitzgerald type of player and would’ve had a very illustrious and lengthy career. However due to his ego and arrogance he now sits at home shooting low res videos of him working out catching balls on 10 yard in routes. This entire thing reminds of hoodie Melo, you can look great with no pressure and no opposition but how you perform and act under pressure is what defines you. Of course the other side of this is that now Melo is on the Blazers absolutely fucking on people and playing at a high level but as a lifelong Cowboys fan I’ve enjoyed the quiet receivers who go about their business and leave it all on the field.

Now as far as the whole business side of things go I think this is just another stunt from ole Bag of Bones Jones and his lackey Stephen. They know the Cowboys had a let down season so what do they do? They create more fuel for the Death Star (Jerry World) by creating more money opportunities. Jerry has done this for years, whether it be the Cowboys staying in games long enough just so he can sneak in the last Papa John’s commercial or even by signing ex cons to be on our team.

I really do hope this whole Dez thing works itself out and doesn’t fuck with our new start with McCarthy and even affect Amari’s future contract. In closing fuck the Cowboys and fuck the Jones.

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