Devin Bush on Michigan State “It was totally a disrespect thing”

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Devin Bush is looking to be drafted in the first round in this years NFL draft, and just last week I was able to have him on The 1 on 1 Podcast with Trevor Uren for about 15 minutes.

Now you might remember this past season when Michigan State came arms locked and walked across the field, and then Devin Bush coming out and tearing up their field….

Well if not here you go:

Seeing I had time with what could be the future of the NFL, I had to ask him about the situation. What was going through his mind?

“It was totally a disrespect thing, because obviously they beat us the year before, and they ran around the whole field. And they were talking smack on Twitter or whatever they were doing during the off-season. So once that time came we were all ready for it. For them to pull that act, we took that as a disrespect.

What was going through my mind? You’re not about to disrespect my team and the work we put in, because we’re here, and you’ve got to play us. And y’all got to pull an act before the game even starts, so I’m going to pull one with you guys, that’s what I did, I felt disrespected and I feel like I had to stand up for my team.”

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