One Pride There Is Still Hope

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After a terrible first game from the Lions against the rookie debut of Sam Darnold and the Jets, the Detroit Lions parlayed much better in game 2 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Detroit made strides to clean up their game and they did…. in ways. First, their offense, it looked like guys actually wanted to be on the field. Routes were ran like they were drawn up, the running game looked better when the protection was tight.

Glasgow, looked better kicking out and providing blocks, looked better on snaps, and allowed Stafford the time to get the ball off.

However, the only negative coming from this offense is Matthew Stafford.. Kelly don’t get mad at me just yet. He did look more in command than game one, and was able to identify receivers.

On the other hand Kelly,  Stafford could have connected on at least three touchdown deep balls, but overthrew them.

There was improvements from the Lions defense. The defense had six sacks, seven tackles for a loss, and laid hits to Jimmy G eight times. This is way better than the vanilla defense they displayed in the preseason, and an improvement from the Jets game.

One area the Lions need to clean up is the penalties. They had 10 penalties for 105 yards. One major penalty that has some talk is the LeGarrette Blount

penalty, when Stafford got hit at what looked like a dirty hit at first, but wasn’t. Blount pushed the defensive player off when he wasn’t on the field, and was flagged and he was ejected.

With New England heading to Detroit week 3 is going to be a tough one. If you want to know the best NFL Picks you’ll see those over at our friends at Covers!

Matt Patricia has restored faith in some of the ‘on edge’ Lions fans, and I believe is starting to win over the players. All hope is NOT lost for this team, as they look to play a recovering Patriots team.

I’m not expecting a win next week, but look for these guys to still compete and show the fans they are still locked in for the season.

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