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Detroit Red Wings Broadcaster Mickey Redmond Caught on Hot Mic Swearing at a Player Who Was Talking to the Referees

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Legendary broadcaster and former Detroit Red Wings captain Mickey Redmond had something slipped off his tongue during Friday night’s game at archrival Chicago Blackhawks.

Down 2-0 in Chicago, Redmond had the ‘b-word’ on the hot mic after one of the Blackhawk players who was complaining about something on the ice from Detroit.

This isn’t the first time that Redmond has cussed live on air during a game, some fans believe he dropped an F-bomb during a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. In that clip though, he was in a better mood.

Redmond has been a treasure for Red Wings games for many years, and his swearing/antics has always been normal for him during his times.

There will probably be an apology for his words on air, but hey, he’s human, we all have swore at a time or two.

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