Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks Kneel to Start Tonight’s Game

To protest recent decisions over the Jacob Blake case, and today’s events on Capitol Hill, the Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons took a knee to start tonights game. Check it out.

Real classy move by both teams here. I think this shows that there’s a real middle ground between completely ignoring social issues and boycotting games. In times like this, the distracting power of sports is so important to so many people, myself included, so I love how these guys played through the chaos. If it weren’t for the NBA being on tonight I’d still have my TV turned to CNN, convincing myself that we’re on the brink of Civil War.

From a basketball perspective, rather cocky move by the Bucks to just give the pistons possession, no? And dick move by the Pistons to just take the ball, really makes you question their intentions. I AM KIDDING. That was obviously an awesome display of unity, and doing it during the game as opposed to pregame makes it so much more powerful. Respect.

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