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Detroit Lions ‘Thanks’ Atlanta Falcons For Scoring Touchdown in the Last Minute

This is next level trolling at its finest. Want to know what happened? I will tell you here.

Just before the Detroit Lions’ miraculous winning touchdown with no time left, the Lions allowed in a late touchdown run by Falcons running back Todd Gurley II (his second of the game).

However in somewhat vintage fashion, the Lions went on to score the a forementioned touchdown and PAT as time expires.

And what did the Lions say to the Falcons after the game was over? They thanked them in a kind way, of course.

Have to feel bad for the Falcons though. The team just seem to can’t catch a break anywhere. But they had a reputation of coming short in certain games, so I don’t know what to think here .

But on the troll rating on that gif there, I’d give it a 9/10 there.

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