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Detroit Lions ‘Thanks’ Atlanta Falcons For Scoring Touchdown in the Last Minute

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This is next level trolling at its finest. Want to know what happened? I will tell you here.

Just before the Detroit Lions’ miraculous winning touchdown with no time left, the Lions allowed in a late touchdown run by Falcons running back Todd Gurley II (his second of the game).

However in somewhat vintage fashion, the Lions went on to score the aforementioned touchdown and PAT as time expires.

And what did the Lions say to the Falcons after the game was over? They thanked them in a kind way, of course.

Have to feel bad for the Falcons though. The team just seem to can’t catch a break anywhere. But they had a reputation of coming short in certain games, so I don’t know what to think here .

But on the troll rating on that gif there, I’d give it a 9/10 there.

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