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Detroit Lions Should Hire Scott Linehan As Offensive Passing Game Coordinator

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14,655 yards….. That’s the amount of yards Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for from 2011-201 with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Them are the three years Linehan was with Detroit with a healthy Stafford.

That’s an average of 4,885 yards passing per year.

Linehan was fired earlier today from his position as offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. Could this possibly mean… He’s coming back to Detroit?

Since Linehan’s departure in 2013 Stafford has averaged, 4,213 yards passing. Linehan allowed Stafford to be a gun-slinger. Something that Detroit hasn’t gotten out of Stafford in the past couple of years.

Let’s go back to 2011, 41 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. 41!!! Since 2011 the most he threw for is 32 touchdowns.

This past year? 21 touchdown passes….. He didn’t have the weapons he had in 2011, but come on… Stafford needs to be unleashed along with running the ball.

I understand that the Lions are going to be a team that runs the ball and that is why they hired offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. And I’m fine with that, Kerryon Johnson looks like he’s a stud. But we need a passing game as well and with Linehan being fired today his job options aren’t going to be the greatest.

And when he joined Dallas in 2014 he was hired as passing game coordinator. The same position that he’d fit perfect in, in Detroit.

And to come back to Detroit, and work with Matt Patricia and Darrell Bevell. Might be what both sides need.

BOB QUINN GIVE LINEHAN A CALL. Bring him in as passing game coordinator.

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