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Detroit Lions Announce Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn WILL NOT Be Fired | Confirmed that Fords Won’t Sell Team! Some Fans are PISSED! Others ready to build

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Today Martha Ford the owner of the Detroit Lions announced that head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn will be returning this coming year!

According to Mike O’Hara:

This year has been injury filled, confusing, and lack of energy from the team. Detroit continues to fight in each game, but has YET to find consistency… something that Matt Patricia has been preaching since his arrival.

Detroit did have the lead in the first 12 games this season and that’s something to build off of.

Detroit will have to find a new defensive coordinator after this season… well hopefully because their defense has been terrible!

The Ford family also announced they won’t sell the team.

Some Lions fans are upset about this move…

Then there are fans like me… true fans! Hoping for the best. Although things have been very rough…. Maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel?

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