Death Penalty for Michigan State?


The number of years disgraced athletic trainer Larry Nassar spent at Michigan State.


The number of representatives that were made aware of Nassar’s sexual misconduct, including Lou Anna Simon – the University President.


How long the impact that will be left with the 150+ victims will last.


It seems like it was only yesterday when the news about Jerry Sandusky had made the airwaves – and the backlash that Penn St. had received due to their negligence – ranging from a graduate assistant all the way to University President and their covering up for a pedophile. How about the time when Baylor essentially ignored sexual assault victims?

The question that continues to ponder in my mind is why hasn’t Michigan State been given the same type of backlash that Penn St. and Baylor had received?

Why aren’t we holding them accountable for their careless, despicable and disgraceful handling of the accusations that were passed onto their officials by the victims?

Let’s call it was it is: Michigan State are enablers. Lou Ann Simon is an enabler. Mark Hollis is an enabler. Anyone who took the bare minimum route are enablers and need to step down immediately.

Michigan State Board of Trustees? They’re more interested in preserving reputations rather than holding top officials to a higher level of accountability. They’re more interested in working tirelessly to make sure that the University will come out of this blemish free. It’s evident that they don’t care about getting justice for the victims.

When the IndyStar investigation on Nassar was published; Dr. William Strampel, dean of Michigan State’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, told Nassar that he was “on his side.” President Simon? She justified the University’s lack of action by saying, ““I have been told it is virtually impossible to stop a determined sexual predator and pedophile, that they will go to incomprehensible lengths to keep what they do in the shadows.”  Former gymnastics coach Kathie Klages discouraged victims from filing reports. Even when they were filed to Klages, she still defended the disgraced trainer. Reprehensible.

Do we even expect the NCAA to do the right thing? This is the same organization that will deem someone ineligible in a heartbeat if they sell an autograph or given a little bit of cash so they can get something to eat but refused to hand out the death penalty on two separate occasions. They even went as far as reducing sanctions against Penn St. in 2013 – another act of negligence. You know what? The NCAA as a whole are enablers.


If there’s ever a time where the right thing needs to be done – it’s now. The University needs to accept their shortcomings and hold themselves accountable. We need to press harder. We need to press until everyone who were involved are no longer associated with the University. The NCAA needs to expand upon it’s punishment against schools for failure of ethical misconduct. They had their chance to do that after the Sandusky scandal but failed to do so. As mentioned, they also failed to hand out the death penalty against two institutions within a 10-year span. They can’t do that again.

Give Michigan State the death penalty.

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