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Dear Sheila Ford #OnePride

Dear Sheila Ford,

I’m writing you on behalf of every single Detroit Lions fan. It’s almost 1PM on Friday. Why haven’t you fired Matt Patricia yet?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Make the move.

I’m sick of hearing about excuses. I don’t care if it’s the COVID year, I don’t care if there are injuries!

The playoffs are out of sight and the goal of this season was to “Play meaningful games in December.” That isn’t happening.


-Every Lions fan!

I’m also sick of hearing Jim Caldwell’s name. Yes, he was a hell of a coach – but he also wasn’t the answer. Every Lions fan was calling for him to be fired because he couldn’t win against good teams. Caldwell was 5-26 against teams with winning records.

Patricia is 3-15 for those who are wondering.

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