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DDT “Ultimate Party 2020” Results 11/3/20: Title Changes

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DDT results of “DDT Ultimate Party 2020” from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Ota Ward Gymnasium on 11/3/20 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Hideki Okatani pinned Keigo Nakamura after a double arm suplex in 4:24 in a pre-show match.

Hiroshi Yamato and Hoshitango beat Mizuki Watase and Yukio Naya when Yamato submitted Watase in 9:00 in a pre-show match.

Yuki Iino made an appearance in the ring. He said he’s been suffering from a shoulder issue but should be back from injury in February.

MAO pinned Shunma Katsumata after a Springboard Phoenix Splash in 7:51. This was MAO’s return match after a knee injury.

Backstage, DDT producer Hisaya Imbayashi was looking for Danshoku Dino. Dino came out of the bathroom and sold like he was having an upset stomach. Imbayashi told him they were getting a lot of media attention for the show and didn’t want him doing anything to embarrass the company. He put a bamboo muzzle in Dino’s mouth so he wouldn’t do his forced kiss on anyone.

Akito was shown backstage sitting at a table drinking a bunch of energy drinks to get ready for his match vs. Dino.

Akito beat Danshoku Dino by Goliath Birdeater submission sealed with a kiss in 9:51. The finish came when Dino gave the Danshoku Driver but he couldn’t follow up with the pin because of his upset stomach. He stated to leave the ring like he needed to use the bathroom. The referee and Akito sold it like Dino had an accidental bowl movement. Dino came back in and did some bathroom humor spots like he was going to submit Akito from the smell. Yuki Iino then got on the ring and told Akito not to give up.

The 4-Way Survival Trios Match is next with Mad Paulie, El Lindaman, and Nobuhiro Shimatani vs. Saki Akai, Kazusada Higuchi, and Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Toru Owashi, Naomi Yoshimura, and Kazuki Hirata vs. Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda, and Makoto Oishi.

Hirata pinned Shimatani with an inside cradle for the first elimination.

Hirata pinned Honda with an inside cradle.

Sakaguchi pinned Hirata with an inside cradle to win the match in 11:03.

After the match, Shota and Akito joined Hirata in the ring. They challenged Akai, Sakaguchi, and Higuchi for the KO-D 6-man Tag Team Titles. The match will take place on DDT TV Show on 11/14/20.

DDT Extreme Champion Shinya Aoki had a match contract signing with challenger Sanshiro Takagi. It will be a Weapons Rumble where other wrestlers can come out to interfere at different times and be used as weapons for both in the match.

Takagi won the title from Aoki when women appeared with their faces blurred on the big screen as Takagi’s weapons. They told an embarrassing stories making Aoki out to be a bad lover in bed. It caused Aoki to get distracted and faint allowing Takagi to get the pin. Aoki had to be taken out on a stretcher.

Takagi announced to Imbayashi that he will not defend the title in the ring but in Rojo matches on the streets. He said anyone can challenge him and they don’t even have to be wrestlers. He said all matches will take place on the DDT YouTube channel. As he was was leaving toward the locker room and celebrating Shunma Katsumata attacked him from behind to set himself up as the first challenger.

They announced the names and blocks for the D-Oh Grand Prix Tournament which starts on 11/22/20:

A Block:
Konosuke Takeshita
Daisuke Sasaki
Yukio Sakaguchi
Chris Brookes

B Block:
Tetsuya Endo
Kazusada Higuchi
Soma Takao
Makoto Oishi
Yuki Ueno
Shunma Katsumata
Jun Akiyama


They announced Kawasaki Strong 2021 on 2/14/20 at Culttz Kawasaki. It will be their first time in event at the venue.

CIMA and Soma Takao beat Naomichi Marufuji and HARASHIMA when Soma pinned HARASHIMA with the Gin and Tonic in 12:47.

Yuki Ueno won the DDT Universal Title from Chris Brookes after the WR for the pin in 14:05. After the match, Ueno said he was leaving the DISASTER BOX stable and going out on his own. MAO came out and challenged him for the title. The match will take place on DDT TV Show on 11/8/20.

Jun Akiyama beat Konosuke Takeshita by neck lock submission in 25:38.

KO-D Openweight Champion Tetsuya Endo pinned Daisuke Sasaki after a shooting star press in 27:48. After the match there was a bit of tension but the two ended up shaking hands. Shuji Ishikawa came out to sing a song to celebrate the happy ending.

Endo cut a promo and thanked the crowd. He talked about the virus pandemic continuing to wreck havoc but they’re still managing to put on shows.

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