Days Like Today Really Remind you why Group of 5 Teams Never Make the CFP

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As a dumb person, I often fall into the trap of convincing myself that the College Football Playoff should be expanded to 8 teams to accommodate teams outside of the power 5. So, its important to have days like today to remind you that ideas like that are completely idiotic.

Take Coastal Carolina, for example. I was all aboard the idea of giving this team the 8-seed in a potential 8 team CFP, but like why even waste our time. It would be illegal the things Alabama would do to Coastal in a high stakes game. They would anally penetrate their defense for 60 minutes, and would be a legitimate threat to score 100.

Don’t get me wrong I love a cinderella as much as the next guy, but if your team needs a successful 2 minute drill to take out (a respectable) App State, you’re not doing shit against the juggernauts of college ball.

Then you’ve got a similar situation with Cincinatti. This team just isn’t anywhere near good enough to compete with any team in the top ten. Again, good story, but if you wanna beat out Clemson for a spot in the CFP you need to beat UCF by at least 30.

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