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The Days Of The Georgia Dome Are Over

The days of the Georgia Dome have ended with a bang, as the building was demolished earlier today with roughly 5,000 lbs of explosives.

What was really interesting was how close the other buildings were to this stadium, and as you saw in the video, there was a really intricate way that the explosives had to go off to keep debris from hitting any spectators, as well as the other buildings nearby. If you look at the cover picture above, you’ll see that this building is smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta, with the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium being right next to the Georgia Dome.

A 5-story tall industrial strength curtain between the two stadiums had been erected to protect the new venue from damage, officials had stated, with only 83 feet separating the two venues. The Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta’s main convention center, is also just feet away.

What the video doesn’t show is all the amazing memories that came from that place. The dome was the site of high school football state championships, Peach Bowls, SEC championship games, two Super Bowls, 1996 Olympic basketball, three Final Four NCAA basketball tournaments, concerts, pro wrestling, and much more.

It also hosted gymnastics during the 1996 games, where Kerri Strug famously vaulted with two torn ligaments in her ankle to help the U.S. beat Russia for the gold medal in team gymnastics. Despite the injury, she stuck the landing on essentially one foot, then collapsed and was carried off the mat by her coach Bela Karolyi.

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