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Day 2 Of Camping: Nothing But Relaxation And Well…. We Are Launching A New YouTube Series…… And it’s NOTHING you’d expect.

I can’t lie…. Camping is what I enjoy during the summer. It’s so peaceful here – I said I was going to blog everyday about my camping trip and well here we go. Yesterday was day 2, nothing much happened. I sat and relaxed. I lost phone service about six times, which sucked. But other than that, very peaceful. 

But seeing I didn’t do anything besides sit around, blog a few I’m going to tell you about my new YouTube series that’ll be starting in a few months… And we started recording two weeks ago.

 I’m working on a new YouTube series, I’m not sure when it’ll launch.

It might not be for another four months or so because it’s going to have hopefully 15 prerecorded episodes for season one  – and trust me…. This show is NOTHING that you think it’d be. You can take your guesses, but this is something that is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of video editing, which sucks because I can’t edit videos and don’t even have professional cameras yet, but this series is 110% a thrill. It has nothing to do with me camping, but majority of the recording will take place in the summer and fall. It’s something that kind of fell into my lap.

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