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Day 1: It’s Camping Time

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Alright, you may or may not follow me on Twitter – but you probably should. I’m thinking about Vlogging my camping journey this summer.

Not to sure, I suck at Vlogging, plus, it’s camping… Can’t be that fun, right? Wrong.

I mean day one was an awesome start. Kind of anyway. We got to the beautiful place we are camping – no one else in sight (did I spell that right?) and we got the motorhome stuck (you’ll probably hear/read me call it “the bus”)… ..Now we got stuck right by where we are camping, but we were partway on the road and somehow…. We got lucky and no one besides a couple of our friends stopped by last night. Thank god no cops, no DNR.  

But bright and early my dad had one of his friends come and get us out, so now we are ready to roll. No more stress. Just nothing but relaxing and typing up blogs on my 1 bar Verizon Hotspot.

Who am I camping with?

Well it is just myself and my dad, and well whoever decides some tag along on the way. Now when you hear dad… You probably wouldn’t think of the dad that parties, you think you can party? I bet you can’t outlast him.

We are planning a couple events in the bus – and hopefully one of them is heading to the music festival, Country USA. I went last year and Pro Sports Extra was able to get media passes, but this year I haven’t heard anything, but planning on going anyway.

Last night wasn’t bad though, we had a couple of people that came out and chilled. Smooked a few doobies, and drank a few Naturdays along with a few shots. We’ll call last night a fun night although we were stuck.

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