Dave Portnoy Who Called Roger Goodell “Hitler” and Was Arrested In The NFL Headquarters Just Won An Auction That’ll Get Him A Sitdown With Roger Goodell At Goodells House For Monday Night Football!! – @stoolpresidente

Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports and is known for his hatrid towards NFL commisionaire Roger Goodell.

Portnoy won an auction today on NFL.com where Portnoy will watch a Monday Night Football game at Roger Goodell’s house!

How much did it cost him? Over $250,000!

Portnoy is the guy behind the Goodell clown nose T-Shirts that have been a viral sensation.

Portnoy was also arrested at Goodell’s headquarters during the deflate-gate controversy.

Portnoy has also been kicked out of the Super Bowl:

This content has been adding up for years! It’s time for the two of them to hash it out over a Monday Night Football game at Goodell’s house.

Will Goodell dip out? I don’t think he can if it’s for charity.

Here is an update from El Pres:



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