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Dave Portnoy Who Called Roger Goodell “Hitler” and Was Arrested In The NFL Headquarters Just Won An Auction That’ll Get Him A Sitdown With Roger Goodell At Goodells House For Monday Night Football!! – @stoolpresidente


Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports and is known for his hatrid towards NFL commisionaire Roger Goodell.

Portnoy won an auction today on where Portnoy will watch a Monday Night Football game at Roger Goodell’s house!

How much did it cost him? Over $250,000!

Portnoy is the guy behind the Goodell clown nose T-Shirts that have been a viral sensation.

Portnoy was also arrested at Goodell’s headquarters during the deflate-gate controversy.

Portnoy has also been kicked out of the Super Bowl:

This content has been adding up for years! It’s time for the two of them to hash it out over a Monday Night Football game at Goodell’s house.

Will Goodell dip out? I don’t think he can if it’s for charity.

Here is an update from El Pres:


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