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Dave Portnoy to the Sway House? #SwayHouse @stoolpresidente

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Barstool genius and founder Dave Portnoy has a new ‘Tik Tok’ out where he is seen lifting weights with some of the Sway Boys. This is just bizarre but there is obviously something behind this because the marketing genius that is Dave Portnoy knows what he is doing so I guess we will all have to just wait and see.

This is 2020 I guess when you things can’t get any more weird they do. I just would love to know what is really happening if he is bringing some of the Sway Boys on to Barstool or if it is just a collab I feel with Dave there is always something behind his madness and that is what makes him the best. This should be interesting and I’ll stick with this story to see if anything really does come out of this short little Tik Tok.

One thing is certain Barstool always wins when it comes to the content world. Always.

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