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Dave Portnoy Roasted By D’Amelio Sisters: “Do we think it’s Dave Portbelly?” | Dixie and Charli Damayo? – @stoolpresidente @dixiedamelio @charlidamelio @BFFsPod

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Barstool Sports founder and host of The BFFs Podcast, Dave Portnoy has been absolutely roasted by Charli D’Amelio. Or as Portnoy would like to call her Damayo.

During episode 2 of Charli and Dixie’s podcast, 2 CHIX, they addressed the rumors of their fake relationships which was brought up on The BFFs.

“I don’t really know much about him. All I know is he’s rich. He makes sure to say all of the time that he’s rich. He likes to stir the pot. I was actually just invited onto their podcast on my TikTok comments.”

“Sadly.. I declined the offer. First, he doesn’t even know how to say my last name. Very disappointing.”

Then they absolutely roasted his last name:

Charli went onto say that the podcast, The BFFs, is basically just a podcast used for drama. The entire goal is to get onto different platforms. Which is exactly 100% true and I think Dave and Josh would both admit of it.

We need to get Dixie onto The BFFs. Although she declined, Charli said that she would go.

Click here to listen to the recent episode of Charli and Dixie’s podcast.

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