Dave Portnoy Once Again Rings Bell On Stock Exchange And Stocks Crash, Announces Retirement – @stoolpresidente

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I can’t lie, I’m pretty sure that I recently said that everything Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy does turns to gold. I lied. Although he’s considered ‘paper hands’ Portnoy by many in the Bitcoin community – everything Portnoy does turns successful, that’s besides when he rings the bell on the stock exchange.

Penn National Gaming and Barstool Sports rang the NASDAQ stock market closing bell on February 24th, 2020 and it happened to be one of the worst day is stock market history!

For Barstool Sports it might have helped the content that they make but in reality a day when the stock market tanks and you’re celebrating it isn’t the best look.

Today he rang the bell for the New York stock exchange as he partnered up with the ETF $BUZZ. Well the same exact thing happened and the stock market ended up tanking.

Portnoy announced he’ll no longer ring the bell on the stock exchange.

Needless to say… everyone is thankful that he won’t be ringing the bells anymore!

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