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Dave Portnoy Handles Sex Scandals Better Than Anyone Else. @stoolpresidente @barstoolsports

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Seriously, does anybody handle scandals better than Dave Portnoy. Maybe I’m using the word scandal a bit too loosely, but typically whenever a sex tape is leaked of a celebrity, the word scandal is often used in the media. In 2019, the first of Dave’s three sex tapes resulted in the following response:

In July of 2020, news had spread again that Portnoy had a 2nd sex tape emerge. While there was not necessarily a press release like the one above, Portnoy continued about his business continuing to grow the Barstool name and making it international media juggernaut it is today. But then on April 21st, 2021, a third sex tape was released. While most people would go into hiding or let it hurt their career in some capacity, Portnoy has done nothing but embrace the publicity but also remind people it is a illegal to post or share it. Portnoy responded to the message with the following tweets:

People in the media often like to make comments about Portnoy being crass, but quite honestly I believe Dave has done a great job handling these situations with class. Maybe not class in the truest sense of form, but class in only a way that Dave Portnoy can exhibit. While I’m sure he does not love the idea that these tapes of himself have emerged, he approaches the situation with levity because that is exactly what his fanbase and Barstool’s following would expect him to. The man does a fantastic job of spinning a negative into a positive, and to say he’s done that with these leaked tapes is an understatement.

Nobody does sex scandals like Dave Portnoy. That guy definitely fucks.

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