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Dave Portnoy Exposes Business Insider Hit Piece As Female Posted: “If He Ever Pisses Me Off I Have Lots Of Content To Expose Him With” With Money Emojis – “Not My Proudest Fuck” | @stoolpresidente

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Dave Portnoy is the founder of the popular network, Barstool Sports, and throughout the years Portnoy has found himself ‘in the mud’ but always found his way out of it. People have been trying to cancel Portnoy for over a decade now and most recently Julia Black from Business Insider dropped a hit piece she was working on for 8 months regarding Portnoy and multiple younger females. The story raised questions from myself, someone who came forward years ago about growing up sexually assaulted. (Click here to read about that)

Portnoy posted a two part Twitter video explaining his side of everything and things started to add up more and more.

Business Insider then started contacting Barstool Sports advertisers and even talked about another hit piece coming, and that seemed to make Portnoy even more pissed off. So he started doing what he does best, being himself. He started attacking back. Looking more into it all, thinking that it was an inside job at Business Insider involving Penn National Gaming which is the company that owns Barstool. And then finding more facts behind it all.

Some of those questions that I had about this story previously aren’t even valid now due to the fact at 2PM today Portnoy went live and broke everything down with nothing but “facts and proof” in a video titled: Dave Portnoy Exposes Business Insider Hit Piece. The video ended up being over an hour long, so I’m going to try and break it all down for you.

Let’s just look at a couple of things, Julia Black the person who wrote the hit piece had over 4,051 tweets before she published the hit piece and now only has 132 tweets. Who does that? Deletes 4,000 tweets? Someone with something to hide.

Black while writing about this story attempted to reach out to every single person possible about Portnoy. Here is a text change that Portnoy had with a female that he hardly knows.

Portnoy says no to hangout but Portnoy ‘preyed’ on her?

One of the stories that the article has is regarding Portnoy and a 19 year old who ended up being dropped off and afterwards not being herself. Having to be checked into a hospital for depression and a police report was filed by her mother.

Let’s check out the IG exchange. Which proves that Portnoy wasn’t prey ing on her, if anything she was trying hard to get with him.

After meeting up:

It says in the BI article that afterwards that she couldn’t talk, that she was in shock. But in reality she is DMing him afterwards? Seems a little fishy. If anything the “I’m in shock that ur still dming me rn” is proof that Portnoy is a good guy. He could have slept with her and never hit her up again.

Why isn’t the police report in the article?

Portnoy pointed out how big of a joke this was. Imagine saying that “Portnoy always ask the girls if they are at least 18- years old.” Wait a second.. You’re saying that Portnoy followed the law? That doesn’t make much sense to have in a police report. Fish & Meat Market? Portnoy has given them great reviews in the past and he said that he hardly goes in there with women. Either way. Who cares regarding that.

This ‘police report’ didn’t even make it’s way into the Business Insider article. Or either did the DMs that she made with Portnoy.

Story #2

The women in the article goes by the name Madison. And this is when it gets interesting. She has been commenting on TikTok:

Sooo.. Why is Business Insider saying this? After the two of them hooked up she tweeted this:

Seems a little weird that she would post that. Doesn’t exactly scream rape or sexual assault to me.

Now lets look more into it. Portnoy has claimed the two of them didn’t get along because she was really far left and he hates both extremes. She has dozens of tweets about Trump:

Now this is when it gets interesting. She has an Instagram account that is private that someone who is a fan of Barstool had been following. She posted about her time with Portnoy while she was there, from them playing playing a game together. And what she posted afterwards proves Portnoy was right:

She posted an image saying that Portnoy was a dick and lame and grumpy. He gets a 2/10 from me. If he ever truly pisses me off I have lots of content to expose him with. I am going to stick with athletes. And then she added money emojis. I don’t think if you were sexually assaulted that that’s what you’re going to post. That he was a dick? lame? and grump? I mean c’mon. What a joke. And then to post a bunch of money emojis? Clearly it shows what her intentions were.

On top of that, she posted more.. She posted “Not my proudest fuck” with a picture of Portnoy with Donald Trump. Remember, this is the same chick who has posted regarding being shocked Trump was killed yet.

If you’re to ask me this proves it all. Money.

Ava Louise?

I honestly don’t want to talk about her and give her more fame than she has already gotten out of being a clout chaser. You can just watch the video below to learn everything you need to know:

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