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Dave Portnoy & Donald Trump Talking At White House!!!!

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This man is really taking Barstool Sports to the moon!!! He is having what looks like a casual conversation with the leader of the free world. Dave Day Traders (Dave Portnoy) own stock ALWAYS goes up. Right when you think it can’t go any higher boom another achievement.

[Click here to see images posted online of Dave’s visit to the White House]

I can’t presume to know why they are talking or about what. Is it the fact he brought a newspaper to one of the leading podcast and content producing websites in the world?

Is it that Trump wants to know DDTG secrets, which is stocks always go up. Does Trump just want some of that Portnoy luck for the election?

Whatever the motivates are for Trump everything just keeps booming up for Portnoy.

This man is his own lucky charm. Everything he touches turns to gold and I think Trump wants in on the ride. I’m not sucking up or looking for barstool praise, I’m just reporting facts, something the “news” doesn’t.

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