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Dave Portnoy Does Pizza Review With Dixie D’Amelio | #1 DIXIE STAN @stoolpresidente @dixiedamelio @BFFsPod

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Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports and the host of the popular content piece, 1 Bite, pizza reviews has recently had Dixie D’Amelio on!

This comes after Portnoy said multiple times he would love to have her on his podcast, BFFs, which he hosts with popular influencer Josh Richards.

Now? Instead she is doing a pizza review with Portnoy! This only opens up the door for more content.

Portnoy has said he’s the #1 Dixie Stan, supporting her during drama and because of that everyone can’t wait to see the final pizza review.

Portnoy is so smart to make these connections, they’ll help Barstool grow for years. These influencers aren’t going anywhere soon.

Portnoy can never pronounce the D’Amelio name right, it’ll be interesting to see how he said it during this.

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