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Dave Portnoy Announces Plans For Barstool Brand Frozen Pizza

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El Presidente, Dave Portnoy, went on Bob Saget’s podcast, Bob Saget’s Here For You, yesterday and announced that Barstool is planning on releasing their own brand of frozen pizza.

Towards the end of the pod, Bob asked Dave, “Have you ever wanted to come out with your own pizza?”

Dave responded with, “Yea, I tasted some today.”

So it looks like the moves are in motion for a One Bite branded or Barstool Sports branded frozen pizza to hit the market.

Dave confirmed that they will be available in stores nationwide with cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers, and supreme.

He said that in his own ranking, he would give the Barstool frozen pizza around a 7.1

You can check out the full interview here.
(frozen pizza talk around 75 min mark)

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