Dave Portnoy and Michael Gruen Together Are An Electric Duo We Never Knew We Needed. @stoolpresidente @Michaelgr1011

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The king of the internet Dave Portnoy and someone who I deem a genius in his own right Michael Gruen seem to be having a masterminds of sorts.

If you don’t know who Michael Gruen is, he is TikTok influencer sensation Josh Richards manager who is dominating everything he does. That aside I would have loved to hear the conversation between these two internet giants, I just know it was electric.

Just look at Michael sitting down ripping darts, while talking to the content and internet king Dave Portnoy the best part he doesn’t even look phased that he is talking to Portnoy. Also by the way Michael might just have the perfect male body and is the most confident man on planet earth.

I know Dave loves content and will do anything to get it so I am suggesting that him and Michael do a thirty minute podcast together where they talk about everything. I really think that has a chance to be can’t miss electric content.

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