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Dave Portnoy Addresses 3rd Leaked Sex Tape, $Penn Stock Drops – @stoolpresidente

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Dave Portnoy the founder of the popular media empire, Barstool Sports, can’t stop having his sex tapes leaked and it’s somewhat impressive. Over the last year it seems like every month we are hearing Portnoy address a new tape. And in every leaked tape it seems that something else is happening that makes him go viral.

All these tapes are all recorded over a year ago. He claims that he did somewhat have a problem with having sex and wanting to record it. But in reality, who the fuck cares. If you’re wanting to have sex and the chick you’re banging is down with having it filmed, film it. Why not? Isn’t that big of a problem.

Leaking it is another thing.

Who keeps leaking them? Who gets the videos? Do they get it from the ladies? Or do they get it off of El Pres’s phone?

That’s the part that gets me. Who is getting these videos? Why doesn’t Dave just start an OnlyFans and before they go viral just post them on there? We all know Portnoy loves money. He and Barstool would make a HUUUGE amount of money if he decided to start an OnlyFans! What would it do to the $Penn stock? You’d think it would rise because the more money going in, the better.

Watch my opinion on this and watch Dave’s emergency press conference below:

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