Data Shows Lions Fans Are All Over The United States – Here Is The Top 10 States Where Lions Fans Are Located #OnePride

If you are traveling around the United States as a Detroit Lions fan and wondering what states you’ll see other fans? We’ve got that covered.

The company,, collected more than 60,000 tweets since the start of the NFL season on Sept. 10, specifically fan hashtags such as #OnePride, #GoLions, #LionsNation, and more to determine where Lions fans live across the United States.

1. Michigan 

Well.. never would have thought that Michigan would have Lions fans. Obviously they’re number one.

2. Hawaii 

3. Ohio 

Obviously being close to Michigan you’ll see some Lions fans in Ohio.

4. Indiana 

Another state that is close to Michigan.

5. Arizona 

With people traveling to warmer states in retirement – Michiganders will find a way to Arizona. That is why they have a fanbase building there.

6. Nebraska 

7. Iowa 

8. Mississippi 

9. North Carolina 

10. Nevada

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