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Darius Slay Taking Shots At Detroit – We All Seen This Coming #OnePride

When the Detroit Lions decided that they were going to move on from longtime Lions defensive back Darius Slay everyone figured that Slay would take shots at Detroit.

Well although we all figured it was coming, today was the day when it slowly started.

Everyone knows that Slay doesn’t like Lions coach Matt Patricia and doesn’t like long hard practices, the way Patricia talks to players, basically everything and anything to do with Patricia he hates.

Which, if you don’t like your coach you’re not going to give him everything you need and that showed the last couple of years. Slay constantly keeping his head down but waiving his finger when he’d get burnt and there would be an overthrow. Just wait, he’s going to continue to take shots at Detroit and that’s okay. Let him. He’ll be the next Eric Ebum.

I wish him the best of luck in Philly… Next thing you know though he’ll be blaming everything that happened in Detroit on Matthew Stafford like Eric Ebron did?

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