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Darius Slay Retweets Detroit Lions Are “Prepping To Get Their Ass Whooped” – Deletes Retweet #OnePride

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Talk about being a bitter crybaby. That’s the only way to explain former Detroit Lions players Darius Slay and Eric Ebron. They’re the last thing of being ‘professional’ both of them.

Today though it’s Darius Slay. He retweeted a tweet that said “Prepping to get their ass whooped” ….. While it showed a Detroit Lions tweet saying ‘Packers prep’…

Slay since has taken the Tweet down.

But go figure, Slay back at it again. Doesn’t he realize his team just lost this past Sunday? Why doesn’t he worry about his Eagles? The dude tweets more about Detroit now than he did while he played for them!

Oh well, I’m sure he’ll be Giving Up The Big Play this Sunday while he gets torched by Cooper Kupp and/or Robert Woods!

Exactly why I’m glad he’s no longer in Honolulu Blue, this proves exactly what Matt Patricia was talking about. His ego, his Twitter fingers, his personality, everything is too damn much.

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