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Darius ‘Give Up The Big Play’ Slay Back At It Again With His Kindergarten B.S, Deletes Tweet To Quandre Diggs: I know who was the snitch in the lockerroom | @bigplay24slay

I’m so glad that the Detroit Lions don’t have to deal with Darius Slay anymore. I’m sorry, I respect his work on the field but he’s back at it again today with his Kindergarten bullshit off of the field. I’ve been a Lions fan since the day I was born and never said I’m glad we’ve got rid of someone. Especially a Pro Bowler! But it seems like whenever someone posts something that degrades Slay, he tries to play everything off by creating a new story. Wouldn’t it make sense that the day after CBS Sports didn’t rank him in the top 10 defensive backs that he’d post something like this?

Everyone knows that Darius Slay didn’t have a good relationship with Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia, but he might have had some beef in the lockerroom too!

Which makes sense when you’re constantly crying, you’ll get some other players to hate you. When you’re sitting in the locker room tweeting out your frustration with the Lions?! Of course people are going to be fed up with you. All the fans started getting fed up!

Darius. You’re an Eagle now brother. Fly on. Go fly.

Best of luck to you Darius. Us Lions fans will remember the good moments but also the moments of ‘Give Up The Big Play Slay’ and the constant drama. It wasn’t worth it anymore. I’m glad Detroit moved on.

What happened today?

Well Darius Slay decided to Tweet at Quandre Diggs, who is another player who has spoken out against Matt Patricia. What did his tweet say?

“I kno who was the snitch in the locker room” …

Slay went on to delete the Tweet. Go figure! If you’re going to tweet that out, you might as well just leave it up. But instead you want to create more and more drama.

But… If you know who was snitching on you… Doesn’t that mean that you must have been doing something wrong?

Slays new nickname? “Give Up The Big Play Slay, I should be in a drama play”

Good luck in Philly Philly! Where the DRAMA and fans are 100X worse.

What did Lions fans say?

Needless to say Detroit is glad he’s out of town. Slay on the other hand? Can’t stop talking about Detroit. He’ll miss it.

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