Darius ‘Give Up Big Plays’ Slay Is The Most Pathetic Player In The League

I’m watching MNF right now and it hasnt even been 6 minutes into the first quarter and Darius Slay has already given up two big plays to DK Metcalf. Afterwards he showed his frustration like a bitch and got a 15 yard flag for trying to fight DK.

Over the weekend, the Lions fired HC Matt Patricia & GM Bob Quinn after getting embarrassed by the Texans on Thanksgiving and shutout by the Panthers and a XFL QB making his first start. Of course Darius had to chime in and get his two cents in:

Don’t get my wrong, the firings NEEDED to happen, but it’s so pathetic how Patricia & BQ still live rent free in not only his and other former Detroit players’ heads. There were a of problems during the Patricia tenure, and Slay might not of been the biggest problem, but he was an aging cornerback demanding the highest paid contract in the league, while stinking it up on the field his last year and mouthing off in the locker room. Sorry that most coaches don’t want to deal with that bullshit, not just Patricia. And guess what, the Lions currently have a better record than the Eagles and ‘Big Play Slay’ the highest paid corner in the league at 30 has a PFF rating of 67.7.


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