Danny Amendola vs Travis Kelce In Beer Pong And Then The Matchup Of The Night – Nelk Boys vs MGK | The Ballina Cup @theballinacup @NelkFilmz

If you haven’t been keeping up with The Stevie Daniels Ballina-C up you’re missing out. The classic beer p ong game has made its storm to the celebrity level.

So far tonight one match up has finished as Dansby and Mallory beat Camille and Rob Gronkowski.

The next match is between NFL players Danny Amendola vs Travis Kelce. If you’re going to ask me, I’d take Danny. Mainly because I’m a Lions fan and love his grit. I’m sure his pong skills are excellent.

The set of the night though will be when NELK takes on rapper Machine Gun Kelly. It’ll be one of the best games in the entire tournament but NELK is unreal at drinking games, my money is on them.

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