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Danny Amendola Joins Ya Neva Know: You Know What I Mean Podcast – Shares Fun Stories Including 3 Different Ways That Bill Belichick Is and How Tom Brady Brings Fake Money With Him To Stack It Up And Put A Speaker On It To Party | @JustMike @DannyAmendola

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If you didn’t know, rapper Mike Stud has a podcast called ‘You Neva Know What I Mean” and his recent guest was Detroit Lions WR Danny Amendola.

This episode confirms the badass that Danny is! I’m fucking pumped to have him back in Detroit. He’s a legend, the amount of fun that he has off the field and the stories that he shared throughout this podcast is unreal.

From the three different ways that Bill Belichick is to him talking about his dumb penalty during this last season. He also talked about how Tom Brady

would bring fake money with him to stack it up and throw a huge speaker on top of it and start partying like crazy.

Another story that he shared that was very interesting is how his dad coaches High School football and Danny had to play against his team once.

Fucking badass!

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