Dana White “We Got You Fucker” To Illegal Streamer The UFC Caught | @danawhite

For the early part of 2021, UFC president Dana White has been harping over the company’s initiative to crack down on illegal fight streams. When asked about how that initiative was going at today’s UFC 257 press conference, White seemed pretty pleased with his progress.

I don’t know who this ‘fucker’ is, but man am I excited to see what happens to this guy. Honestly, I’m more excited for that than the fight itself. What are they gonna do? Are Francis Ngannou and Curtis Blaydes gonna ring this assholes doorbell and beat the everliving shit out of him as soon as he starts the stream? Is Dana white gonna lock him in the basement of the UFC apex for the rest of time? Is UFC Brass gonna hide his body off the coast of fight island?

I would be pretty scared if I were a streamer right now. You’re some dorito fingered idiot inside your parents basement going up against the entire brainpower of Dana White. Only the guy who sold the UFC for 4.2 B’s. In the battle of Dana White vs Illegal Streamers, I’d put the betting line at Dana -4000.

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