Dana White Says Masks Not Required At UFC 261

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UFC President Dana White, AKA the coronavirus’ worst nightmare, plans to host the UFC first full capacity event this Saturday at UFC 261. When the topic of masks came up, White had this to say:

Vegas odds currently have Dana at -100000000000 to not be wearing a mask. I’m afraid that a lot of the narrative surrounding this weekend’s card is gonna be about masks/covid/political bullshit. And although I do think that the first full capacity large indoor gathering since the start of the pandemic is somewhat monumental, I hate to see such a sick card bogged down by dumb arguments. Not to be “shut up and dribble” guy, but it really wouldn’t matter to me if fans showed up in full hazmat suits or did a ceremonial burning of all their masks before the main card starts… I just wanna see fighting in front of lunatic fans, masked or not.

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