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Dana B Is A Scumbag #DirtBagDana @stoolpresidente @danabeers

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This past weekend Barstool Employee Marina Maher had her wedding and a plethora of her coworkers were able to make. However, Marina came up to Dave at the wedding and stated the only person she was upset about not being there was her close friend Dana B.

On today’s episode of “The Dave Portnoy Show” Pres brought Dana B on the show to confront him about his latest idiotic move. Dana allegedly told Marina that he couldn’t make the wedding because he had his second COVID vaccine scheduled. On the show Dana decided to clear his name by only dragging it through the mud more. Dana came out and said that he jokingly said that in passing and that his actual excuse was that he had to go and see his family. To me that is a worthy excuse however Dana didn’t even spend most of the time with his family.

Dana was invited to the Bucks Game by David Bakhtiari and decided that family time wasn’t important enough to go get drunk at a basketball game but was good enough to not go to one of his close friends weddings. SCUMBAG

El Pres also brought on Marina to speak her peace and she was even having issues holding back tears because of how worked up she was. On her special day she wanted her friends and family there and Dana couldn’t even give her that. Apparently Dana even waited until the very last hour to RSVP no to the wedding. I just guess maybe I understand basic human compassion when it comes to understanding people’s feelings and emotions but Dana B just can’t put his ego over his friends.

Dana looked like a defeated puppy after the conversation ended but there’s no going back from his world class debauchery.

This may be a little added fuel to the fire since a year ago Dana Bitch Boy Beers stole my idea I gave him for a “Zillion Beers” T-shirt.

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