Dan Campbell Visits Ford Production Plant And Gives One Hell Of A Speech

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Dan Campbell just keeps becoming more and more like-able. When he was hired, I didn’t know how to feel about Campbell but he has won me over already. He cares about the organization and city so much, it is great to see. He is here to turn this organization around. He is passionate which is a breathe of fresh air. My favorite part is when he said “I know were in the all talk phase.” He knows us Lions fans have been fooled many times by coaches coming in and giving the speech to fire everyone up. Campbell seems different, he knows it will take a lot more than words to win everyone over. Prove it on the field. But so far, you have to be hyped by his comments and the way he approaches things. Awesome to see Campbell go out and make a legit effort to talk to people in the Detroit community.

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