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Dan Campbell Is The Perfect Hire For The Lions & If You’re Upset That He Isn’t Some Young Guru Then You’re Probably A Soft Stooge

During the end of last week, it came out that Dan Campbell, the Assistant HC & TE’s coach for the Saints was the favorite to be the next Head Coach of your Detroit Lions, and over the weekend it was confirmed that he was the choice. A lot of people weren’t that thrilled because it wasn’t a sexy hire of some hotshot young guru a la Sean McVay, like the current trend is in the league:

The Lions have already tried out the guru hire. Matt Patricia was widely considered the top available head coach candidate in the NFL when the Lions hired him. Congrats to the Rams, Packers and others with their hiring of young coaches who’ve now proven to be successful but that doesn’t work out for everyone. Adam Gase was known as the huge QB whisperer went he was first hired by the Dolphins and after almost fucking up Ryan Tannehill’s career he was then hired AGAIN by the Jets. Some Lions fan may have wanted Bienemy, but guess what, he still hasn’t been hired by anyone else, so I think there’s something a little fishy there. The OC for Mahomes and the Chiefs and one the the top HC candidates for the past 2 years still can’t get a gig? Hmm. I’m not an NFL insider, but I think part of what has to do with that is that people want a dude who’s going to actually be a Head Coach and leader of a franchise instead of just promoting the next hot shot coordinator.

Dan Campbell is the man. He is the type of dude who along with Chris Spielman is going to inject a new culture into the Lions organization. Both of them are hardos who know the pain of the losing seasons that the Detroit fans have had to endure. Campbell was even on the 0-16 team. Also, it’s hilarious that Campbell is pretty much the exact same dude as the PC Principal character from South Park:

People will complain that since Patricia was strict on the players and ran tough practices that Campbell’s style won’t work. But, guess what, all his former players love him:

It’s clear that his players respect him. It’s also great to see TJ Lang, who was always a big locker room guy, also sent warm regards:

Either way, a lot of Lions fans were complain on whoever Detroit hired, no matter who it was. That’s just who they are. But, I just wanna say don’t be surprised when Dan Campbell turns the culture around, a long with Brad Holmes & Chris Spielman. #OnePride

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