Dan Campbell Is Losing Lions Fans Weekly; If He Doesn’t Win A Game This Season You Must Fire Him

Dan Campbell came into Detroit saying all of the right things when he was hired but since then those sayings have stopped and he is starting to lose Lions fans. Which sucks. As a diehard Lions fan myself, I thought Dan The Man Campbell could possibly the the answer for us but let’s be real the start to this season has been concerning. Yes, we all knew it was a rebuild but some of the moves Campbell has made really is making me question his knowledge. Is he overthinking somethings and not letting players… play? Yes.

That’s sure what it seemed like once again yesterday as backup quarterback Tim Boyle had a terrible game, looking just like starting quarterback Jared Goff. Both quarterbacks have underperformed. We’ve seen backups all over the NFL come in and play well that wasn’t the case for Boyle. And that’s where this all starts with me and Campbell. I went to Lions training camp multiple days and during the offseason and during them days I said multiple times that David Blough was easily our best quarterback. People thought I was an idiot. Saying there is no way. That Goff is the answer. I was hopefully also. I thought maybe this guy who was been to the Super Bowl could lead us, that was until I watched him throw a 20 yard duck to TJ Hockenson and all my faith was gone. Goff is terrible. I don’t even think he can manage a team to win a game this season. And to turn to backup Tim Boyle who has been on IR is stunning to me. You have a guy in David Blough who has NFL experience, but you’re not going to give him a shot?

On top of it people are questioning how Boyle even made it to the NFL:

How did Boyle do?

On top of that Dan Campbell has decided to take over play calling duties the last two weeks and nothing has changed at all. Actually if anything things might have got a little worse. Yeah, we ran the ball more and a little better but you have to be able to find a passing game in the NFL. That’s not happening with Detroit. On third down, Dan Campbell doesn’t even try for the first down. 3rd and 10 for Detroit is like 3rd and 30 for other teams. It’s ridiculous.

Lions fans are already calling for Campbell to be fired:

Terrible play calling!

Now here is where I’m coming in. Yes, Detroit can’t go 0-17 seeing they tied to Pittsburgh but that doesn’t matter in my eyes. If you go winless an entire football season I don’t want you back coaching our team. I’m sorry. I really like Dan Campbell’s personality but his offense is losing Detroit games. If he is going to take over play calling and this is the results than I don’t know if I can trust this guy.

It’s crazy to me to think of how much better the defense is performing than last year under Matt Patricia but that isn’t because of Campbell. That’s to mainly do with Aaron Glenn who has shown tons of strengths with a depleted roster. Yes, Campbell did a good job with bringing him in. Will we see Detroit get a win this week on a short week? I sure hope so!! But if we are going to win, we need to see David Blough in the game! He has speed and has shown Lions fans that he can toss the ball around. Unlike Goff and Boyle.

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