FCFL (Fan Controlled Football League)

Dalvin Cook To Join Ownership For FCF’s Zappers

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It was announced today via twitter that Dalvin Cook will becoming part owner of the Zappers, which is apart of the newly developed Fan Controlled Football League that includes the man himself playing quarterback Johnny Manziel. Other owners of the club include celebrities like @BobMenery, @IamTrevorMay, and @Ronnie2K. If the Zappers wanna win some games, the next step is convincing Cook to put on a uniform.

As good as a player Dalvin Cook is, it’s nice to see players in the NFL support other leagues when they’re first introduced. This is the very first season for Fan Controlled Football and it’s gonna be quite exciting to see how it’s demonstrated.

It seems Trevor May approves of the new part owner.

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