Dallas Cowboys Left Tackle Tyron Smith Is Questionable With Neck Injury

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It looks as though Dallas Cowboys star Left Tackle Tyron Smith has been added to this weeks injury report. This injury could become significant as the aging offensive lineman has had a series of injuries in recent years.

Without Smith the team really doesn’t have much of an option on how to move forward. Smith is a key part to this teams offense as it seems they quite literally, move through him.

Reports from Cowboys camp seem to be bright. I really couldn’t imagine Smith not playing unless this was an injury that really prohibited his ability to go out and be a productive member of the team. The Cowboys without their blind side protector have shown just how bad their second options are. The team is currently having to use swing tackle Brandon Knight. The team could use backup lineman, Terrance Steele but I really do not think that would prove fuitful for the team.

Squaring off against the Patriots defense is never any fun, however this defense has been suspect to allowing big plays and with Smith on the field I really believe it gives the team the best odds to go out and win.

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