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Dak Prescott Gifts His Fellow Teammates With NEW Exclusive Jordan Sneakers #HowBoutThemCowboys

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Is there anyone else in professional football as kind and caring as Dak Prescott? I really don’t know. Dak is always professional and understands that with him being the QB for AMerica’s Team that it comes with a responsibility.

Dak has shown again and again in countless situations that he is willing to do anything and everything to help someone. Whether it be with him raising awareness to mental health struggles, advocating for more cancer research, to even buying his teammates really cool sneakers.

I know that Dak is a Jordan athlete and he more than likely got these “cool greys” at a massive discount, he didn’t have to give a pair to ANYONE. Being a leader is more than just going out on the field and winning it’s about building lasting relationships with the guys you go to battle with everyday, because without them he is nobody.

Even 3-Time Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman can attest to Prescott’s leadership qualities, “I haven’t been around many players, as a broadcaster or as a player, who carry themselves the way that he does,” Aikman told Jones, adding, “The Cowboys are very fortunate to have someone like him representing the team.”

I love Dak as our leader, he holds himself to the highest standards on and off the field. The man just does not quit. From being a 4th round pick to fighting his own mental health after losing his loved ones.

Hopefully the Boys and Dak can finish off the season strong. We have a key matchup for our division this weekend against the Football Team and we really need this W if we want to secure the Division and make a late push towards a Super Bowl run.

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