Daily Reminder Kirby Smart Started Jake Fromm Over Justin Fields

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“But Jake Fromm was a game manager” that is the excuse you heard from Georgia fans when Jake Fromm started over incoming freshman phenom Justin Fields. It is ironic that Kirby Smart has ‘smart’ in his name because he really is anything but smart. He must regret his decision in sticking with his guns and starting Fromm over Fields I mean yikes.

I don’t want to hear anything excuses like Smart did not know what he had in Fields he was a five star mega recruit coming out of high school only behind Trevor Lawerence who he is out dueling tonight. This brings up a compelling argument of what is going to happen with the draft now, does Jacksonville shift their sight out Fields now or do they stick to their guns and draft Lawerence? I just know the most important pick now in this draft belongs to the Jets at two and that is both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Teams might want to trade up to that second pick to get whoever falls to two whether that is Lawrence or Fields.

I just feel bad for Sam Darnold the Jets organization failed him (mostly Adam Gase) all my homies hate Adam Gase and Darnold is watching his job slip through the cracks. This is super frustrating because I am a huge Darnold supporter and believer and I have no confidence in this organization developing either Lawerence or Fields so this sucks. But this it is fun to think of Justin Fields potential, he reminds me of Russel Wilson in a lot of ways and I wouldn’t mind that at all. I am just glad I wasn’t the guy who benched Justin Fields for Jake Fromm…would hate to be that guy.

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