DaBaby Dissed Jojo Siwa? What is Happening?

I am just as confused as anyone right now why did the rapper known as “DaBaby” diss Jojo Siwa in his latest freestyle. Twitter seems to be just as confused.

This is super bizarre and before I listened too this freestyle I am assuming this was some weird cross promotion but I don’t think so after listening to it!

The freestyle is called “Beatbox Freestyle” and he says “…you a bitch, Jojo Siwa (Bitch). It is just odd that a grown man would have a 17 year old girls name in his mouth who has mostly like kids as fans. It is very odd too me I don’t know if it is because his kids watch Jojo a lot and he is done watching her too or what but this is odd.

I need more context on why or what Jojo did to DaBaby to have him diss her in his freestyle. It does not make sense to me and Twitter thinks in a fight Jojo would kill the him but I would like to remind everyone that DaBaby committed murder.

Twitter is clearly not fazed by his diss track and this was a lose lose situation for DaBaby seriously though is he going to be able to come back from this? The better question is too see if Jojo responds… I really hope this was a promotional bit. But if it isn’t this is just not a good look at all.


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