‘Cynthia’ Frelund (@CFrelund) Whines Like A Dumb Karen At Whole Foods About The Lions Not Interviewing Todd Bowles

For some reason everyone points fingers about the Detroit Lions not hiring a black coach. I’m not sure if the national media are idiots (they are) or if they just live under a rock, but we hired a Black GM (Brad Holmes), Black Assistant GM (Ray Agnew), Black OC (Anthony Lynn), and a Black DC (Aaron Glenn), AND we had Jim Caldwell 4 years ago. Do people forget that the Lions weren’t the only team that were interviewing head coaching candidates? Ever since the god Dan Campbell gave his ELECTRIC introductory press conference, a lot of the national media hated on the hire, and people like Stephen A. Smith just had to relate it to not hiring Eric Bienemy. Guess what, maybe Eric wasn’t the right fit for the Lions. Detroit isn’t like any other coaching opporunity. Its the grittiest city in America and is arguably the worst franchise in all of pro sports. You need a certain someone to coach that team who knows the culture of the city and knows the pain of the franchise, especially one who was on the team that went 0-16. Why isnt anyone pointing fingers at the Eagles for hiring Nick Siranni who had probably the worst intro presser of all time? But no, let’s blame the Lions….

When the Lions hired Dan Campbell, Todd Bowles had just given up 300 yards to Taylor fucking Heinicke lmao. Hindsight is always 20/20 and Bowles ended up having a fantastic postseason capping it with last night’s Super Bowl win, but let’s not point fingers at the Lions who made the correct hire for THEIR organization when there was multiple other teams who could’ve hired him.


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