Cricket USA is on the Look Out for Official Kit Equipment and Ball Suppliers

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Cricket is mainly popular in European and Asian countries. Whenever we think about cricket, we think of countries like India, Australia, Bangladesh, and the West Indies. However, things may start to look better for Cricket in the United States as USA Cricket is now pushing for the sport to get bigger in the country.

While cricket may not be as popular as football and baseball in the US just yet, there are Americans who would watch the biggest cricket tournaments like the Indian Premier League each year and even wager on them. If you’re interested, you can look for the 10CRIC betting site review to get to know how cricket and betting work. This is to prepare yourself before cricket gets bigger in the Land of Liberty.

On Friday, Cricket USA released an article that they are already accepting proposals to partner with a leading kit and cricket equipment supplier and finally have its Official Kit. The submission of proposals has already started and interested companies are to send their proposals by August 2, 2021.

Based on the report, there are seven different supplier positions and these companies will be responsible for supplying the playing kit and equipment for all USA Cricket National teams including senior men and women’s, and U-19s (Men’s and Women’s). They shall also be the supplier involved during the National championships and anything similar. The Kit and equipment are also to be offered directly through the USAC membership portal for all the US cricket players in the country not only for competitions but also for training and events.

USAC will be assessing the proposals based on their requirements. They will be checking items like the quality of the products, the financial offering, response to logistical challenges, and the fit for a partnership with and commitment to the growth of the USA Cricket and its membership across the country. Any other queries about the RFP should be sent to the USAC by the end of this month. Whichever companies will be accepted will be appointed as the official partner/s by the end of the year.

About Cricket in the USA

While cricket is considered the second most popular sport worldwide next to football, we can’t deny that this is a sport that doesn’t seem to be popular in the United States at the moment. However, cricket and the USA go way back or up to over 300 years ago.

Cricket was extremely popular in the US before the Civil War. Historical records also show that this has been a sport played around the country in the 1700s. During this time, the owner of the Westover Plantation in Virginia wrote in his diary dated May 6, 1709, about playing this sport.

William Byrd wrote: “I rose about 6 o’clock and Colonel Ludwell, Nat Harrison, Mr. Edwards, and myself played at cricket, and I won a bit.” In 1751 was the first reported public cricket match in North America and was a match between a Londoner and a New Yorker. Three years later, Benjamin Franklin bought to America a copy of the 1744 Laws which was cricket’s official rule book.

After the American Revolution, cricket became popular and it was noted that it was played in around 22 states with thousands of different clubs. It was so popular that it became a collegiate sports and US clubs would also go against different countries including Canada. By the 1860s, it has become the biggest sport in American history but only until the Civil War in 1861.

During this time, a group of soldiers was seen playing baseball and because it was the war, as a patriotic act, many Americans also started to play baseball. This was when cricket’s popularity started to wane and baseball became the more popularly played sport in the country.

Now, cricket never really died in the US. Many cricketers continued their journey and were even able to play on the worldwide stage. In the modern-day, the national team has been part of prestigious tournaments like the Auty Cup, the ICC World Cricket League Championship, and even the World Cup.

Today, USA Cricket is the organization leading the development of cricket in the country. According to their website, “USA cricket is an organization in development that seeks to unify the United States-based cricket community and become the sole US governing body for the sport of cricket recognized by both the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

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