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CP3’s Return Makes The Rocket’s Even Better

The Houston Rockets have been a solid force in the NBA for many years now. Ever since Houston traded for James Harden, they have been a top team in the NBA. Coming from being the sixth man in Oklahoma City, Harden now has become a franchise player for the Rockets.

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Harden has put all the fuel in the Rockets, and they do not show any sign of running out.

In the 2017 NBA Offseason, the Rockets added more fuel to their team. Trading for Superstar Point Guard Chris Paul has made the Rockets even better.

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At the beginning of the season, Paul suffered an ankle injury that put him out for a significant amount of time. Many asked how the Rockets would do without him…They did just fine having a record of 11-4.

After Paul was cleared to play against the Phoenix Suns on November 16th, many questioned if his return would slow down the high flying Rockets. As one can guess, it did not. The Rockets were able to score 90 points in the first half to lead them to a 142-116 win against The Suns.

Houston has gone 3-0 since the return of Chris Paul. During this span, the Rockets have averaged 124 points per game which is one of the highest in the NBA. Additionally, in this three-game span, Paul has averaged 10.7 points per game alongside 8.7 assists.

His return helped the Rockets more than anyone could imagine.

This play by Paul in the 125-95 win over the Denver Nuggets on November 22nd shows how what Chris Paul can do.

The Rockets are flying high in outer space with the return of Paul, and they do not show any sign of coming back down to earth.

I think it is clear to say that “Houston: We have lift off.”


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