COVID-19 Decimates The Green Bay Packers

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It looks as if the Packers will be losing two of their top passing threats for their upcoming Thursday Night Football bout against the Arizona Cardinals. I’m not exactly sure on the whole situation on who is and isn’t vacinated at this point because it doesn’t really matte. Both of these guys are fighting this illness and all we can do is wish them the best.

However, Packers faithful may have some other words. Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry, is also positive with the virus and many are blaming him for this teams downfall.

Now, I don’t know exactly how much contact Barry has had with the team but it is obvious that the Packers fans are not happy with him at this point in time.

The Packers are a resilient bunch and I can promise this won’t stop Aaron. The guy has been throwing to late round receivers his whole career and turning them into Hall of Famers.

I don’t expect the Packers to go and be world beaters against the undefeated Cardinals, however I do like the Packers keeping it within 6 points and covering the spread. Losing two guys doesn’t make a whole team, especially with 12 back there running the show.

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