Courteney Cox, David Koechner, Charli D’Amelio, & more cover toilet seat licker Ava Louise’s ‘Skinny Legend Anthem’ on TikTok! | @realavalouiise

Remember that girl who went viral for licking a toilet seat and attempting to start the Coronavirus Challenge? Her name is Ava Louise, and now she’s going viral as a hip hop singer. 

The influencer’s one-hit wonder Skinny Legend Anthem that she recorded with Big Dick Chima has reached viral success on Tik Tok, with over 144K TikTok’s made using the song. Yup, that’s right. Over 144K people have recorded themselves to Ava’s lyrics, which state: I think y’all could use some tips … I’m skinny, I’m winning, and all you bitches are ugly! All the guys on my phone are ugly and fat so don’t call me…

The song cuts to a rap interlude: All these b*tches on my dick, they’re giving me head in the lobby, I beat up their p***y like Rocky … 

Among the Tik Tokers that have covered the song, the range includes actors like Courteney Cox with daughter Coco Arquette and David Koechner with daughter Margaret Koechner, to other influencers like Loren Gray (the most subscribed TikTok influencer of all time) and Charli D’Amelio, as well as several other TikTok influencers who are part of the Hype House. Across the celebs’ videos, they’ve accumulated over 30 million views in just the past couple days. 

The song was released in 2019, and Ava recalls “being on lots of drugs” while recording it and not counting on the song to be as successful as it is. However, the song did not reach it’s viral peak until recently when Ava was slandered by the media for her attempt to create the Coronavirus Challenge by licking a toilet seat. The question stands of why the song is so suddenly successful…was it born out of Ava’s PR scandal or did it just naturally reach this level of success? 

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